Dog Dry Food

There are huge choices when it comes to feeding your adult dog. Among all, dog dry food is the most popular choice by almost all dog owners. But choosing the right food with the best brand is not that much easy. You will definitely get confused when you shop the food whether its online or in-store.

Before i dig into the details, i assume some of you are already aware of the best food which can be given to your pet for a healthy growth. You can directly jump over to the section of dog dry food to explore the different brands. But if your are confused, then please go ahead and read the entire post. It will surely help you get the right food for your pet.

Steps in Choosing the best food for your pet

Often, as a pet lover you got frustrated choosing the right food which is rich in vitamins and of course, fill the stomach of your dog. The dog should not have an upset stomach, get lots of energy, gives bright and shiny eyes with a shiny coat. This should be the outcome of good dog food.

There are literally hundreds of brands available to choose from.
Here when it comes to choosing the best food for your dog, you should consider few things listed below :

  1. Look for your dog’s age, breed, activity
    Puppies and lactating mothers should consume more calories whereas senior dogs require less. If your dog is very hyper-active, then he would need more calories as compared to a couch-potato breed. So just be very careful about the amount and frequency of feeding your pet to avoid health issues and obesity.
  2. Ingredients Matters
    Carefully read the ingredients which are printed on the packet. Select food with meat or meat meal as dogs needs to give a non-vegetarian diet except if your dog has an allergy to non-veg food.
  3. Well-balanced or grain-free dog food
    Grains are good for your pet unless they have an allergy. So decide if you want to give a well-balanced diet or just grain-free. Consult your vet for this.
  4. Research on different brands
    Now upon reviewing above and some other points, you decided to pick a brand that you think your dog would love. I personally recommend you do a bit of research on the manufacturer, ingredients, etc. If you do not found any important information on the packet, contact the company rep. They will surely help you out with the required information.

Top 5 Dog Dry Food In India

  1. Royal Cannin Dog Food
    A very popular and affordable dog food brand. It’s easily available in stores and online. You can say it the first choice of any middle-class family for their pet.

    Inexpensive and easily available
    Rich in Vitamins, Minerals
    Complete feed for adult medium breed dogs (from 11 to 25 kg) over 12 months

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2. Arden Grange
For 15 years Adren Grange has been producing quality food for the dog and hence they are known to be the top dog food manufacturer. Their adult diet range is most popular among many pet owners as it contains a high portion of meat with other healthy nutritional supplements. Food is naturally preserved and free from artificial colors and flavors.

Great food at a great price
Free from artificial colors and flavors
Nice mixture of proteins and minerals

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3. Drools
Drools is one of the top pet food manufacturers in India. Drools know how much you love your pet and hence the focus is on producing quality food for your pet. Drools have their own team of nutritionists and vets to confirm the food you feed to your pet is the best. Drools offer loads of nutrition and energy to your pet like never before.

Suitable for all dog breeds
Offers optimum health benefits


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4. Farmina N&D
Farmina N&D dog food is quite impressive though the price is a little bit high which will certainly keep some pet owners away. Its a very high in quality. It’s proven by many dog owners that dogs have been responding positively to the food. The food does not contain any growth hormones or steroids.

A natural, healthy and balanced meal
Delicious flavors
Comes in variants like mini, medium or large
High-protein and low carb food
A special range of products for dogs with allergies and digestive problems


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5. Pedigree
Budget-friendly and can be seen frequently in every house where the dog resides. Pedigree used to be the most famous brand over others for decades. Most dogs choose pedigree food over other brands. The food contains enough vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. Still, in recent years, the popularity of getting decreased, and pet owners have been started shifting to other brands.

Loved by most of the breeds

These are some top brands that serve the high quality of dog food. But if you didn’t find your favorite brand here, you can always explore more dog dry food here.

Remember to pick any dog food keeping in mind the dog’s breed, activeness, age. Make sure to consult with your vet before purchasing any food for your furry friend.

I hope to have a healthy pet all time!

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