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I believe a dog is a man’s best friend. Whether it is a breed dog or a stray, they give their entire life to their owner. Their love is pure and unconditional, so it’s our responsibility to give them everything they deserve.

When we talk about providing them the best things, the list is long. It includes brushes, collar, leash, dog food, hair trimmer, or anti-flea products. But dog bed comes with a high priority.

Whatever it can be – be it simple, fancy, or expensive and homemade, your little pet deserves a perfect place for relaxing after cuddling or playtime. Falling asleep after playing is what makes them more energetic and happy.

Shop With Praj, after detailed research, brings you the most comfortable and budget-friendly comfy bed options for your furry friend. It’s obvious to get confused after seeing different types and designs of dog beds online.

Here is a complete guideline on how to choose the best bed for your little pet.

You should buy a bed according to your dog’s needs. If he is a puppy/younger dog, a normal soft bed is just perfect for him. But for an elderly or senior dog, you should opt for any special beds. Orthopedic beds are perfect for them which provides necessary support if the dog is suffered from joint pain or arthritis. On the other hand, cooling beds offer necessary cooling during summer seasons.

I have an Indie dog, 7 years old, adopted from streets when she was just a month old. I offered her homemade bed and she liked that much. But in a few days, she damaged it with her teeth and nail.  At that time, I realized that I need something that will be more comfortable for my dog and she will not be able to damage it just like the previous one.  

I decided to buy a good quality dog bed. I searched it in the local market, there were hundreds of choices. Pet bed prices were also high. I was totally confused and returned home empty-handed. I stopped searching but it made me cry when I saw that my dog was sleeping on the floor. Once I went to one of my friend’s house and saw AmazonBasics Octagon Pet Bed – 20 Inch, Brown, and a labrador dog was using it. This idea hit my brain. I didn’t worry about the review as I saw his labra were very happy using the bed.

AmazonBasics Octagonal Pet Bed – 20 Inch, Brown 

The extreme super quality was ideal for my pet as it helped to sleep here comfortably. The raised sides with inside cushion give warmth to them and they feel secured and safe with it. One thing that satisfied me most, this it was cleanable easily. You can put it in your machine with cold water and it will come out just like a new one. You will be amazed to know that this dog bed cost was also in my budget.

If you want to see your dog sleep comfortably then without any hesitation, bring it to your home. Highly recommended for the people who have little pets in their house.

According to me, the Octagonal pet bed is the best pet bed online. This travel-friendly pet bed comes with a superior quality that works well in office, home, or any other living space. Amazing design and raised edges of this bed will make your pet feel safe and secured when sleeping.


     Raised sides of this bed provide extra support when sleeping.

     A super soft and cozy bed makes the pet feel warm.

     It can be washed in a machine or dry wash.


     Ultra-soft material.

     It comes with raised edges.

     1-year limited warranty.


Dogs are the most loyal friends on earth. They cannot speak for themselves and cannot demand anything. It’s our responsibility to understand them and make them happy. Get this exclusive AmazonBasics Octagon Pet Bed – 20 Inch, Brown home. You can also search for how to make a pet bed at home but it didn’t work for me rather try to make them comfortable sleep with Octagonal bed for dogs and give them quality time by playing and interacting with them. Remember, your little darling deserves the best.

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