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Are you a pet owner? Dog or Cat? Well, I am a proud owner of an 8 years old dog and have 4 – 5 cats (a family of mom-dad, two babies, and one aunt) at home.

Yes, you got it right. 4 – 5 cats at home and allowed to wander freely anywhere. I have a big home and you never know when and where any cat will go and do his business the smell from that particular place alerts you.

The job of cleaning the mess got on my nerves and increased my stress levels. I had to clean up not once but four to five times a day, every day. I have kids, I am working and on top of that I need to take care of these wonderful souls living here since their birth.

Leaving your cats on road is somewhat risky as there are stray dogs and other stray cats that might hurt them. Inevitably, they will not survive, and even if they do they will lead a life of starvation and fear. The best remedy for me was to buy a cat litter box. I already knew about it but had never used it.

I was searching for the best cat litter box which helps keeps the odor away. The highly-rated litter boxes come with a cover and have a carbon filter fitted inside which helps control the odor.

You can even buy an automatic litter box but that will be a bit more expensive but it works best to control the odor. So, if you have a cat at home and can’t allow her to go outside for pooping, then buying a good cat litter box is a must.

Cats are quite picky about their bathroom behavior. You need to consider the size, shape, or location where you will keep the box. The box should not be too small or too big. Consider if your cat loves to poop in open or in a covered box.

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You should have the same number of litter boxes as your cats plus one extra. This extra one you can use as a reserve. So that’s mean if you have 2 cats at home, you need 3 litter boxes. As I already stated above, I have 5 cats at home, I have experimented with these boxes and they work great. It did take some time for them to adapt but now there are no issues.

The cats are comfortable and happy and so I am. I just need to clean them often. But that’s important for a healthy life.

The following are the best litter boxes that contain the self-cleaning box or a disposable one, dig deep, and find the right one for you.

Savic Hop in Modern Cat Litter Tray

This exclusive litter tray has a top rating. Your cat can easily get in and out of the box. The box is ideal for cats that have a habit of pee by standing, pee backward. The raised edges help channel the mess and dirt into the box. The upper lid is slightly sloping and has small holes. When the cat exit the tray after the job is done, the dirt goes back in the tray if anything is sticking on their paws.

Cleaning is very easy. The lid can hang up to empty the tray and the integrated handles make it even easier to move and empty the tray.

The litter box is made up of good quality plastic. It is sturdy and great for a multi-pet house.


  • Modern design with top entry
  • A large opening in the lid for easy access and exit
  • Perfect for larger cats
  • Easy cleaning
  • Handy hook for hanging the litter scoop
  • Space Saver


  • Brand:  Savic
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Plastic
  • Ideal for: Cats
  • Package Includes: Savic Hop in Modern Cat Litter Tray (No Scoop Included)

Trixie Berto Cat Litter Tray

Trixie Berto Cat Litter Tray is a bit pricey but a very useful litter tray box. It has 2 trays and one sieve. You no need to scoop manually when you are using this amazing littler box.

The 2 litter trays are interchangeable. The sturdy and durable litter tray is easy to clean.

You just need to remove the clamps and lift the blue tray. All the mess will go to the bottom layer i.e. in the sieve. Now lift the sieve and let the loose litter go in the down tray while the clumps will remain in the sieve. Just dispose of litter and you are done.


  • Hygienic separate waste system
  • Low litter consumption
  • 2 trays and 1 sieve make it quick and easy to clean
  • Tray and rim are connected with Easy Click clasps


  • Brand: Trixie
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Ideal for: Cats
  • Package Includes: 1 Trixie Berto Cat Litter Tray

Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray with Dome

This premium Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray with Dome is ideal for cat owners who are looking to offer a private space for their cats to pee or poo.

The size of this box is quite large with a door for easy enter and exit. You can clean it regularly just by lifting the top cover.

The filter system on top helps reduce the odor. Compared to an open litter box, you will experience less mess with this covered box.

It is suggested to clean it thoroughly once a week.

Moderna Moderna flip cat Litter Tray Box for Cats and Kittens

The Moderna Moderna flip cat Litter Tray Box is fitted with a handle to take the box anywhere you want. The handle can be hidden when not in use. It is ideal for big cats.

This is a large box and it controls odor to a great extent. The charcoal filter attached at the top does this work exceptionally well.

It doesn’t look like a standard litter box so there is no need to keep it hidden away in the corner. The box is made of premium quality, sturdy and long-lasting material. The box is available in different sizes and shapes to suit all the breeds.

The semi-transparent door offers privacy. The door opens half the width which makes cleaning super easy.

Savic Nestor Corner Cat Toilet

This unique triangular shaped Savic Nestor Corner Cat Toilet features a foldable front. The shape makes the toilet the best corner fit product which saves space.

The foldable front makes the toilet cleaning job easy without removing the top part.

The Nestor Corner litter box has an interchangeable filter to control the odors, a built-in handle, and a transparent swing door.

How big should the litter box be?

The litter box should be 1 ½ time the length of the cat. But if you are not sure about it, go for a bigger size box. A covered box is what most of the cats and cat owners prefer as they help to keep the odor inside.

I have 3 cats at home, how many boxes should I have?

Owners with multi-cats should own the same number of litter boxes plus one extra. So you have 3 cats, you should own 4 litter boxes.

What is the frequency to change the cat litter?

Twice a week is the recommended period to change the clay litter. But then it depends on the situation. You might need to change it daily or even once a week. Keep in mind that cats are picky and some may not like to do their stuff if they find the clay litter is dirtied.

Which litter box should a cat prefer?

It depends on the cat. Some cats like privacy and hence like covered boxes while some cats do not mind doing the job in an open box. So examine your cat’s behaviors and then go for the right one. Automatic litter boxes tend to have a lid.

What should you use to clean the litter box?

You can clean the box with warm soap water. Keep in mind that strong smell cleaners would put your cat off the litter box.  Always use mild smelling cleaners, or better still, hydrogen peroxide solution which disinfects and deodorizes and it does not have any smell.

Where should you put the cat litter tray?

Cats do prefer privacy when toileting. So it is advised to keep the litter box in a peaceful area where no one is going to disturb the cat while she does her thing.

Now you have got a good knowledge of the importance of the cat litter tray and which are best in the market.

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Show your love to your pet and let your feline friend enjoy her special place.

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