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Are you confused about the gift you want to give to your loved one? Branded and organic skin care products would be the best option when it comes to sending any gift to any special person in your life. Though they are bit costly, but trust me it is the best way to express your care and love towards the person.

Nowadays, both men and women have become very punctual about their looks. It’s not just about the makeup but you need to have a glowing and healthy skin naturally. 

There are dozens of facial products in the market but choosing the right according to your skin type is a challenging task. Shop With Praj made this step simpler for you.

Everyone must aware of the Forest Essential skin care products. No one can beat them. I am sure; many of you are already using different products and got amazing results. I appreciate, if you share your experience here with other readers.

Based on my personal experience this Forest Essentials Facial Essentials gift set is the best buy for a healthy and glowing skin. 

Forest Essential Facial Essential

Women face various issues with their skin. When they are young and are teenagers, they suffer from acne. When they grow up and become adults, they start getting wrinkles.

Choosing the best products for skin helps them deal with pimples, wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, and other skin-related issues. I’m 35 years old, and I suffer from pimples and dark spots a lot.

I also had blackheads beneath my eye. But then I came to know about forest essential facial essential gift sets. I bought it from a store near me.

I got attracted by packaging and decided to buy it.

The superior assortment of natural facial care products enclosed in a striking pack, with deep hues and golden artwork, motivated by Tanjore Paintings.

At first, I was a little hesitant to apply the face wash and face creams on my skin because I only use reliable products on my skin. But when I applied this kit, I was surprised by the result. The face wash and lip balm work wonders.

It also has a sunscreen lotion that I apply whenever I step outside of my home. As soon as I started using this gift set, my skin started becoming glowy and flawless.

I have an younger sister, and she was suffering from dark spots. I decided to buy this skincare gift set for her. And you need to know that when she started using it, she got rid of the spots.

She loves this product, and both of us buy this kit. When I purchased this combo gift set for her, I was unsure about whether my sister would use it or not, but she trusted me, and now she is happy and satisfied with the product.

About the kit

This facial kit consists of all the essential products that you would require for a perfect glow. Most of the products of this kit consist of natural ingredients like honey and lemon that cleanses the skin. The manufacturer of this product is Mountain Valley Springs India Pvt. Ltd.


  • Exceptional for gifting
  • 100% Natural
  • Travel Friendly
  • Amazing Fragrance
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made In India


  • Brand: Forest Essentials
  • Ideal For: Men & Women
  • Type: Skin Combo Gift Set
  • Package Includes: Luscious Lip Balm, Facial Cleanser, Sunscreen Lotion, Facial Scrub

How Many Products Does This Kit Include? 

These women’s gift sets consist of a total of four products, and more details about each product are below.

Facial cleanser: The facial cleanser consists of lemon and honey that profoundly cleans the skin. Honey help replenish skin’s moisture making it soft and silky. On the other hand, lemon helps keep skin cool during summer.

Sunscreen lotion: The sunscreen lotion consists of sandalwood and Aloe Vera. The sunscreen protects people from harmful ultraviolet rays. Aloe Vera has power to keep the skin hydrated and retains moisture.

Facial scrub: You may know that walnut works as a great scrub. This facial scrub consists of walnut in it. It acts deeply on the skin and removes impurities and dead skin.

Lip balm: Lip balm provided by this gift set is also impressive and is of orange flavor. Rose hydrates the skin and lessens fine lines.

Is it worth buying? 

This forest essential facial kit is worth buying because it works wonders. Once you start using it, you wouldn’t have to keep looking for other facial scrubs and cleansers for your skin.

This kit has made mine and my sister’s skin flawless. And I believe it would help you too in getting perfect and glowing skin.

Some people may think that this kit is expensive, but they should know that it may be a bit overpriced, but the price is worth it.

You can send it as a gift to your loved ones who want to make their skin glowing. The most important advantage of this kit is that both men and women can use it.

You can easily buy this facial kit online at Shop With Praj.

How to Use The Skincare Products?

  • Wash your face with water. Pat Dry
  • Apply Honey Lemon Rosewater cleanser to cleanse the skin
  • Apply Kashmiri Walnut Scrub to exfoliate the skin
  • Finish the routine with Aloe Vera Sandalwood sunscreen lotion
  • Don’t forget to apply the luscious Sugared Rose Petal lip balm.


You can surely buy Forest essential facial essential skin care combo as the products include are original, of high quality and made with natural & fresh ingredients. Just use the products consistently and get that flawless, glowing skin. The long lasting aroma and lavish texture of the products makes it worth buying.

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