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Enjoying Motherhood? The glow of holding a newborn after going through hours of labor is indescribable. Being sore and exhausted, you can be a little worried about your postpartum journey.

Don’t worry. It is absolutely normal for your body to be a little different after giving birth than it was before. Basically, we carry our baby in the abdomen, so when the baby comes out, the muscles get loose and it may badly affect the look of our abdomen. For the old times, women used to tie their sarees around their abdomen to get it back in original shape but now the time and technology both have changed. If you are finding extra support for your abdomen, then one and only option for you is using the best postpartum belly belt.

I was so upset after giving birth to my first son to see the belly size and almost every dress of mine was unfit. Being a first-time mother, everything was new to me, the same with my belly fat.  My mom helped get back the original belly shape with the help of an old saree wrapping technique. For complete 3 months, I was wrapping cotton saree around the belly which helped me get that original shape back.

After the delivery of my second kid, I decided to make use of that advanced technology which made me research a postpartum body belt. This is really a tough task to select the best belt when you really have a wide range belt from different brands. I was having reviews on a few belts from my friends but decided to try this Arkmiido Women’s Cotton and Polyester Maternity Supports Elastic Postpartum Abdomen Recovery Belt.

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I was a little confused about using this product. Still, I decided to give it a try. After some days I get stunned to see its working capability and no doubt to say that it helped me just like a person. It is really unbelievable that a wrap around the abdomen area can do such a great job. If I come to its comforts, then I would like to say that I felt it just like a huge hug around my waist. The soft and classy material never gives me a feeling like this that there is something in my abdomen. I continued to wear it for the next couple of months and amazingly it makes my body just like before.

I love this product. I highly recommended this product to every pregnant woman that I know around myself.  If you really really want to get that slim belly back, give it a try.

I will recommend this product to everyone because I got amazing benefits from this product. Maybe this is the one that I was looking for. This amazing tummy tucker helped me to hide all the fats and bulges from the belly. Value for money.

Arkmiido Women’s Cotton and Polyester Maternity Supports Elastic Postpartum Abdomen Recovery Belt

Arkmiido Women’s Cotton and Polyester Maternity Supports Elastic Postpartum Abdomen Recovery Belt is one of the best postpartum belly belt that comes with some of the excellent features. The finest material of this belt is adjustable for every weight and the stretchy fabric allows making your body movable and flexible. It can be used for any type of work out just like running, cycling, walking and etc. It provides compression to support the back and abdominal muscles. If you also have lower back issues then it can provide you lumbar support to keep your posture in the right position.


  • Help to reduce tummy size after delivery.
  • Gives back support.
  • Correct the healing posture.
  • Lightweight and LaTeX free.
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Come with excellent design

Tips for using it

  • Use it during your workout time to burn extra calories.
  • If you have a normal delivery, then start using it after a few weeks but if you have gone through c-section, then wait for a few months for healing.
  • You can use it during sleep time to get better results.
  • Allow sweating your body more when you are using this.


  • Brand: Arkmiido
  • Target Gender: Female
  • Package Includes: Cotton and Polyester Maternity Supports Postpartum Abdomen Recovery Belt


You can successfully lose your weight after pregnancy or tone your muscle with healthy diet plan exercises along with the best postpartum body belt. After having your body recovered, decrease the use of a postpartum belly belt, and stick to a healthy diet program recommended by your physician. Before using any belly band, consult with your doctor.

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Arkmiido Women’s Cotton and Polyester Maternity Supports Elastic Postpartum Abdomen Recovery Belt




LaTex Free


Great For Back Support


Breathable Mesh Fabric


Best For Abs



  • Soft Material
  • Premium Quality
  • Hides All Fats
  • Backache Relief
  • Value For Money


  • Expensive

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