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I am the mother of two kids, and I know handling babies can be quite stressful at times. Many times kids cry all night and don’t let us sleep properly. We find it difficult to calm the them.

Most babies don’t like sleeping on the bed as well. That’s not the case with my older son. He used to sleep with me in my bed. So I thought, the same will happen with my younger son. But every baby is different, so as mine.

I was literally not able to do the daily household work when he starts crying. I need to put all the work on hold till he gets calm. It was really very difficult task to get him to sleep. Offering different types of baby toys just couldn’t  help. I used to rock him in my arms and then he go to sleep within minutes.

Here the idea came into my mind of buying a baby rocker. I went straight to the web and started searching for the best baby bouncer. On detailed research, I came to know the different types of rockers available in the online market that includes rocking chair and sleeper, rocking chair and swing, glider and rocker, bouncer and rocker. I checked the benefits getting from these above types and choose the Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker.

About the rocker

Toddler Rocker for babies is a need in today’s times because it allows the babies to sleep and rest peacefully. Today’s parents are really very busy and they always try to finish two tasks at a time. Especially, mothers try to finish the work before their babies’ wakes up. With this rocking chair, even if your baby wakes up when you are finishing the house work, you can simply keep your baby in this bouncer and he will happily spend his time playing with the toys. You can even keep the chair near your working area. So you can have conversation with your baby while finishing up the task.

When it comes to care for your little once, you don’t want to take any risk and put on hold any work which is going on even if it’s important. For all such parents, this baby rocker plays an important role. You can completely rely on this chair and keep your baby for a long time.

As it is designed for toddler as well, both my babies enjoyed spending time in this baby bouncer. I believe, you baby will also love his/her time. Portability is the most appealing quality of this rocker. You can easily carry it from one place to another. It’s multicolored and quite attractive. Babies love watching different colors and they can spend quality time playing with the attached toys in this newborn to toddler portable rocker. Many cartoons and animals are drawn in it that grabs the attention of kids. This rocker consists of bat-at entertainment overhead. For grown up kids, you can remove the toy bar.

This outstanding baby rocker has a unique function of switching on vibration which helps baby sooth and give a nice 2 – 3 hours sleep at one time. Assembly is effortless and quick. This Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker is no doubt will long last and durable. I highly recommend to the parents who are looking for the best and risk-free rocking chair to their newborns or even toddlers.


  • Ideal for feeding, playing and resting
  • Calming vibrations to help soothe and comfort
  • Excellent for new born as well as for toddlers
  • Multi color
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Sturdiness
  • Washable


  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • Package Includes: 1 Toddler Rocker

Is it safe To Use Baby Rocker? 

Fisher-price newborn to toddler portable rocker is entirely safe for infants and kids. You can allow your baby to sit in this rocker for as long as they want. The kids enjoy sitting and sleeping in this rocker. It has a cushion on the backside that provides comfort to the kid.

What age of babies can use it? 

The most significant advantage of fisher price toddler rocker chair is that you can use it for infants and babies as well. It is safe even when your baby is newly born. Kids of up to four years of age can use this toddler rocker. It is spacious, and kids of 4 years of age will also not find difficulty in sitting and sleeping in it. It’s durable, and once you buy it, you can use it for several years. If your kid is newly born and you have bought it, then you can use it for at least four years. You can use it for a longer time than that, and if your kid is a grown-up and you can’t use it, then you can give it to someone else who has smaller kids. If you do that, then that person will appreciate you for your kindness.

Is it safe the bouncer for newborn babies? 

Under your continuous observation, you can keep your new born kid into this bouncer if the baby is awake. Infant to toddler portable rocker fisher price is entirely safe for newly born kids, and it allows you to switch on calming vibrations to help your baby feel relaxed.  Be careful to secure the straps. The best place to keep your infant while sleeping is Crib.

Is it worth buying? 

As mentioned above, I bought this fisher price newborn to toddler rocker a few weeks ago, and I’m quite satisfied. My baby feels comfortable in it and doesn’t cry a lot these days. He is calm and contented with this rocker and enjoys spending his time in it. It’s a great purchase.

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How long can you keep your baby in bouncer?

There is no fixed time to limit your baby use the bouncer. You can definitely keep your baby in the rocker as long as he feels comfortable. You can even allow them to sleep for sometime in the bouncer. New born babies shouldn’t keep unattended for long when kept in the bouncer.  It is not advisable to keep the newly born baby in the same position for a long time. At any point of time, whether it is a new born or toddler, your supervision is recommended.


Keeping in mind the busy schedules of parents, i have researched a lot and presented you the detailed information on infant to toddler rocker. Based on the positive and negative feedback, I finalized fisher price newborn to toddler rocker is the best bouncer to buy for your loved one. It satisfied almost all the requirements. Many customers are satisfied and recommended the product.

As I already motioned, there are different types of rockers such as portable, bouncer, swing or gilder. Just deep dive into your babies requirements and decide the best one. I am sure your decision won’t go wrong and you will give the best of the best to your little one.

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Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker


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  • Deep Comfy Seat & Reclining Seat Back
  • Removable Toy Bar
  • Calming Vibrations
  • Foldout kickstand For Stationary Seating
  • Safe

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