Choosing The Right Mop for Cleaning

For a clean and hygienic room, you need to choose the very right mop. It looks like going to the market and get the one which looks good and fulfill the basic requirements.

But there is more than you think. Choosing the right mop is a somewhat difficult task. Shop With Praj gathered all the information and presented it to you, so you can pick up the best mop at the best price.

Alternatively, you can discuss with your friends who already have it or read reviews online at shop with praj. Both way, you make sure you are getting the best mop for your needs.

Choosing the right mop included many things which one needs to consider before finalizing on any mop. Its like material, size, color, handle length, etc.

Your main aim behind selecting the best spin mop is – it should be easy to clean, easily movable, changing mop heads, non-accessible areas covered, and so on.

Let us explore the factors in detail below –

Water storage capacity – Check the bucket tub of the mop set. If the bucket is large, then it is capable of storing more water at once and no need to add extra water for every use.

Dirty Water Outlet – Check out if the bucket has a valve to out dirty water. Most buckets do not have these. But having one outlet at the bottom of the bucket makes the task of emptying the dirty water easy and faster.

Liquid Dispenser – Most buckets do not have it attached. Buckets with advanced techniques have this small dispenser attached to the rim. They can be filled with fragrance to get extra freshness.

Absorbency – Absorbency depends on the material the mop made up. It means how fast the material absorbs the dirt and make the floor clean thoroughly.  The best absorbent materials are cotton, blends, and microfibers.

Wheels and handle – Having a bucket with wheels and strong handles make it easy to move the bucket anywhere. No need to lift the bucket every time. Lifting bucket may cause the dirty water spills out on the floor.

Accessories – Check out what accessories are coming along with the mop. You should get mop refills. Additionally, you can also have gloves, scrubber brushes etc.

Handle Length – Mop handles sometimes made with stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel is heavier and sturdier whereas aluminum handle is lightweight and durable. The handle should have a lock system to adjust the length.

Bucket Design – Whatever design you choose, a dirty water outlet should be there. It will ease the dirty water emptying task. Also, some bucket sets have only one section and some have two. Two-compartment buckets have a facility to store dirty and clean water separately.

Room Size – If you’re using the mop for a large room, make sure the head of the mop head is large enough to cover the large area at one time.


Spin mops have becomes essential for every home today.  Knowing this, the market is packed with several designs of spinning mops to pick from.

Take your time,  consider all the above tips and choose the most suitable mop which fits in your budget.

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